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Tuesday, 28 February 2017 14:05

Racing community gather round in support of KDS


We are so proud of our members and World Sports Betting, below is a snippet from a wonderful Robyn Louw Article

The African Betting Clan grouped together to hold an auction and collect donations and with the help of World Sports Betting, spirited bidding and generous donations, proudly delivered a cheque for R20k last weekend.

There is even a group down at the Cape Yacht Club who have taken up the cause. Viqui Stevenson explains, “Being a racehorse owner I get very upset about any sort of cruelty. We do a lot of fundraising through the yacht club and decided it was the donkeys for us!” They’ve had KDS decals made for their boat and any and all monies raised at the club’s regular events are going towards the donkey sanctuary. “Unfortunately the work doesn’t stop just because the animals have been saved. Now they need rehabilitating and rehoming. There is always something one can do to help raise funds and hopefully the racing industry can put its thinking cap on. Maybe one or two yards or studs need companion donkeys? I think Joey Ramsden should have one to go with his sheep and ducks,” she says mischievously. “But seriously, what everyone has done has been amazing. They really deserve credit for their hard work. All the positives need to be reinforced and there needs to be more encouragement.”


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