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Friday, 24 March 2017 12:07

WSB Sponsor the 2017 East Cape Poly Challenge


Jacques Strydom`s Gogetthesheriff won two legs last season and earned connections a R50k bonus


The second edition of the World Sports Betting Eastern Cape Polly Challenge kicks off on Monday March 27 with the R100 000 WSB East Cape Poly Challenge 1200.

The second leg of the challenge is The R100 000 WSB East Cape Polly Challenge 1400 on Friday April 14 and the final leg is the R100 000 WSB East Cape
Polly Challenge 1600 on Friday May 12.


A bonus of R250 000 will be paid to owner/s of the horse that wins all three legs of the Eastern Cape Poly Challenge!

Consolation bonus of R50 000 to be paid in this challenge, however horses must participate in all 3 legs and win at least 1 leg.


Points allocation for Consolation: 1st 10, 2nd 6, 3rd 4, 4th 3, 5th 2 and 6th 1


The Poly Challenge provides a great opportunity for horses suited to the surface to shine!




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