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2 months 5 days ago - 2 months 4 days ago #819023 by Dave Scott
Weekend Highlights was created by Dave Scott
Good morning all and hope we are Covid free?

I was always on the fence with Covid tending to side with Chinese conspiracies rather than the fear of the virus.
I would add that after the Chinese do make arrangements to save Africa, the factories won’t be helping the unemployed SA citizens to improve infrastructure but BEE will be replaced by YEE.

Back to the virus, It has become close to home with friends being touched and seriously hurt as we move to wave 3.
Sure we are heading for further restrictions from the President and in this case, would have to agree with him as the majority of his supporters refuse to stick to any form of restrictions and blatantly brake protocols.

When I say the President supporters I included the recent Zuma fiasco.
Have to hand it to Jacob, considering the pressure he should be under, he continues to take to the stage where he and his loyal comrades continue to sing and dance , they might be poor politicians but they do have good rhythm, except that poor white chap that resembles someone on the electric chair with his lack of body control.
I am guessing the last disco he attended was in Bloemfontein, early sixties, where he won the Lang arm dance.

After my trip last week, I probably made a mistake by jumping in the pool and sea with Grandkids and returned with a terrible cough and was worried that I could have Covid again.
We were also trying to get our injections, which I am still apprehensive but Mrs S says “I will take it”.
I did end up going back to a very civilized Clinic in Pretoria to have the cough checked by a very professional staff.
I am not sure if overseas doctors are better than local? however I was able to secure a lovely box of Cuban cigars with a warning note “only use after you finish medication “.
To be honest, I had a very worrying half an hour before I got the negative reply which in Covid cases in positive.

On the subject of the vaccine, we have had a couple of unsuccessful trips to get the jab, Mrs S did register us last month but we have had no ticket number after 5 weeks and are just trying the walk in method.
I must admit to saying to Mrs S “ look at all these auld bastards in the line.
What is it that Rabbie Burns said” “ give us the gift to see ourselves as others see me “.
Anyway it was like the departure lounge to Heaven.
There was a smaller line for punters and drinkers but not sure of the final destination.

I should keep away from politics but watching the news again each day it’s inconceivable the drama that emerges.

Was going to discuss my favourite subject Racing but apart from the decent races on offer, the 4RACING momentum has appeared to take a dip and a few power struggles over riding the “ let’s all work together to get racing back on track” theme.
Hope I am wrong ?

As I type I find myself under a bit pressure, I am keeping an eye on our friends business for the next couple of weeks, deliveries to hair salons and it keeps me busy and gives Mrs S a break.

In addition we have just had an unscheduled power cut, might be cable theft, hope to try and save above.(sorry spelling etc but was never very good at school).

As far as racing Ryan not doing well but expect him to potentially win Derby and Oaks next week.
On local front I am sure we will have a clearer picture on July after Sat.
I am looking more at the WOA vs Princess Calla race rather than the Linebacker vs Kommetdieding, to see a change in the betting.

No video, have to fly ladies need hair done for weekend

Good Punting
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2 months 5 days ago #819026 by Sylvester
Sylvester on topic Weekend Highlights
Twist of fate in Mauritius this weekend. level weights
catch a falling star in the stirrup cup
best named horse of the week end Samuel L race 5 Turfies
Man city - Chelsea
Indi 500 - the crowds

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2 months 5 days ago - 2 months 5 days ago #819030 by Mac
Mac on topic Weekend Highlights

"Lot 226, 2016 NYS, Diamondveld, R1.5m"
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2 months 5 days ago #819034 by Dave Scott
Dave Scott on topic Weekend Highlights
The hold up with 4RACING is getting approval from the gambling board in June, but that is never an easy task as I have previously experienced.

If that does not materialize there could be more difficult times for racing until the next sitting in December.

Fingers crossed

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