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5 months 3 weeks ago #835527 by Frodo
Frodo on topic Currie Cup
I was as optimistic as fingers on a good showing by the Lions - however for 70 minutes they were woeful - must be some questions being asked about the coaching team - especially the defense is almost non-existent - and this is almost the same team that thumped the Stormers in Cape Town a month or so ago - so something clearly not right in the squad

As the the game at Loftus, imo the sooner that a team is allowed to use a replacement after 10 or 20 minutes when a red card has been dished out, the better - as it kills the game; despite this, the Bulls imo never gave up and for most of the game was the better team on the field - in the end it was the Sharks that used the few opportunities that came their way better - and I don't think Am will ever score a try like that again - every thing just went right - somehow avoided the touch line and then the ball just bounced perfectly :huh:

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