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Take it up with Hollywood Dave they don't sponsor ABC

Go post on the Sporting Post they own that and might answer you there

Hollywood owns the Sporting Post? I didn't know that. I knew that they owned Winning Form and other form guides but this is news to me. Was this recently acquired, that Medema guy used to own it before.

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I have a mate ,we have known each other going on 40 years,through gambling he has been divorced 3 times and has lost 3 very successful businesses , has tried to take his life on numerous occasions,

In the past when I was in a position to do so I have assisted him and his family in paying his arrears on his bond etc,

My ex partner always said why do you help him,his just going to gamble again(his being to rehab and every rehab program out there).

He is a very handsome guy and uses his good looks to con woman( often on the vulnerable side and not that great looking), he is estranged from his siblings and children for good reason,

I am based in PE and flew down to Cape Town to intervene,He now has a small construction business where I control all the finances,but as with any addiction,where there is a will there is a way

We live in hope,
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