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1 year 4 days ago - 1 year 4 days ago #850985 by Dave Scott
HOW LONG 🤔 was created by Dave Scott
Good morning all during these troubled times .

I try not to get political and negative but it's impossible to keep the chin up with the current situation .

Must say the road trip was fantastic and also showed that we have (had) such an opportunity to attract tourists to this beautiful country.
Considering the exchange rate it would have been a pleasure, however crime and shortage of basic service delivery has nullified this golden opportunity.

The country given to the ANC had so much potential for job creation and has been wasted.

How long: will we have to suffer this totally incompetent leadership? Plus consider the theft aspect, it's mind boggling.

How long : do we have to sit in darkest Africa with the lights off😎
Glad Cyril came back to help and tell us it's not just an African problem 😪

How long: will this Russian aggression be allowed to last .

How Long: will Iranians treat their ladies like inferior beings.

How long : before our racing takes an upswing?
Positive signs starting to show.😉

We have had lots of comments on our Thoughts and Fears for SA thread.

I have been given an explanation of the outcome for the Rugby Championship between the All Black's and Boks, thank you but not sure who to punt ? Check rugby thread.

How long : before Baaeed wins and goes to stud? October 15th my birthday.

How Long: before MDK wins the Summer Cup?
26th November but will it be Safe Passage or Sparkling Water or ANother.

How long : before assisted suicide is approved?

In this planet of over population its time to allow people who arrive as babies not to leave as babies, surely both body and mind have the right to sign a form to give dependents the rights to pull the plug .

Where do I sign.......

At this stage my memory is OK but I battle at times.
You know when you walk into a room and can't remember why?
At this stage at least the bathroom brings back my memory 👍

Back to the heading its always good to listen to Paul Carrick to calm the nerves.

How long has this been going on was my choice although Under Pressure from Bowie was also appropriate.

Good Punting

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1 year 4 days ago #850986 by ballie
ballie on topic HOW LONG 🤔
euthanasia sounds better but totally agree when i cant wipe my own arse time say night night
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1 year 4 days ago #850987 by Mac
Mac on topic Re:HOW LONG 🤔
and, How Long is a Chinaman.

Sent from my Ferrari using Tapatalk
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1 year 4 days ago #851013 by Bob Brogan
Bob Brogan on topic Re:HOW LONG 🤔
4/1 each of 2 Dave 15/10 your cash if you bet both
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1 year 3 days ago #851044 by Dave Scott
Dave Scott on topic HOW LONG 🤔

euthanasia sounds better but totally agree when i cant wipe my own arse time say night night

Morning Ballie

That does sound better and consider if you have a dog, horse, cat etc the vet will say it's the HUMANE think to put it to sleep 😴

In fact when I do these posts many things go through my brain 🧠

The background is that I am on a group on Facebook "Born in the Fifties"
The post was what is your favorite line from a song

My contribution was "HOPE I DIE BEFORE I GET OLD"

From one of my fav bans the WHO , talking about MY GENERATION.

Maybe we can have another few one liners?

Have a good heritage day and yes I did drive a Lambretta scooter and was a MOD ?

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1 year 3 days ago - 1 year 3 days ago #851047 by mikesack
mikesack on topic HOW LONG 🤔
Within 2 months.................that's how long. Fasten the seat belts and stock up and seek out the bunkers.:(
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1 year 3 days ago #851049 by mikesack
mikesack on topic HOW LONG 🤔
Serbian President Warns of “Great World Conflict” Within Two Months

Worst situation since WWII.

By Paul Joseph Watson
Summit News 21 September 2022
Region: Europe
Theme: Intelligence


The President of Serbia has warned that the planet is entering into a “great world conflict” that could take place within the next two months.

Aleksandar Vucic made the alarming comments during the first day of the UN General Assembly session in New York.

“You see a crisis in every part of the world,” Vucic told the Serbian state broadcaster RTS.

“I think realistic predictions ought to be even darker,” he added. “Our position is even worse, since the UN has been weakened and the great powers have taken over and practically destroyed the UN order over the past several decades.”

The Serbian leader cautioned that the war between Russia and Ukraine had moved on to a far deadlier phase.

Russian Official Says NATO Risking Direct Conflict with Russia and ‘Full-Fledged’ Nuclear War
“I assume that we’re leaving the phase of the special military operation and approaching a major armed conflict, and now the question becomes where is the line, and whether after a certain time – maybe a month or two, even – we will enter a great world conflict not seen since the Second World War,” he said.

Vucic’s remarks were made on the same day that Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered an immediate “partial mobilization” of troops amounting to 300,000 soldiers.

In a public address to the nation, Putin warned that he wasn’t bluffing and that he was prepared to use “all the means at our disposal” to protect Moscow’s territorial integrity.

“Now they (the West) are talking about nuclear blackmail,” said Putin.

“The Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant was shelled and also some high positions – representatives of NATO states – who are saying there might be possibility and permissibility to use nuclear weapons against Russia,” he added.

Putin ominously asserted that western powers should “be reminded that our country also has various weapons of destruction, and with regard to certain components they’re even more modern than NATO ones.”

As we highlighted last month, a study conducted by Rutgers University found that nuclear war between the United States and Russia would cause two-thirds of the planet to starve to death within two years.

5 billion people would perish, primarily as a result of nuclear detonations causing huge infernos that inject soot into the atmosphere which blocks out the sun and devastates crops.

One wonders how a generation that thinks words are “violence” and misgendering someone is stochastic terrorism will react to an intercontinental nuclear war.

The mind truly boggles.

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1 year 1 day ago - 1 year 1 day ago #851164 by mikesack
mikesack on topic HOW LONG 🤔

Before the Greek Coast Guards are convicted and Greece held responsible by the UN for their crimes against asylum seekers and refugees.

Greek Coast Guard Drowns Entire Syrian Family

By Steven Sahiounie
September 22, 2022
Region: Europe, Middle East & North Africa
Theme: Law and Justice

Mohammed Burgess of Latakia, Syria is the sole survivor of the deliberate murder of his entire family by the Greek Coast Guard on Tuesday, September 13. Burgess and his wife and two children boarded a migrant ship in Lebanon and were headed toward Italy when the ship began having problems and finally ran out of diesel fuel. As they were drifting on the Mediterranean Sea, the Greek Coast Guard approached the ship, came alongside, and tied their ship to the Greek ship. The Greek sailors ordered the passengers to disembark and board the Greek ship. After coming on board, the Greek sailors took all the passengers’ cell phones, money, gold jewelry the women were wearing, and luggage. They also beat several of the men without cause.

The Greek ship then began sailing for about five hours, but Burgess did not know the exact direction they were headed because the Greeks refused to have any communication with the passengers. During the five hours, no water was offered to any passenger, including children.

When they finally stopped sailing, the Greek soldiers began taking out and blowing up small plastic dinghies, the type used by vacationers, not military grade. They threw the dinghies into the sea and then pushed four to five passengers into the sea after each dinghy. The passengers were to climb into the dinghy from the sea after leaving everything they had with the Greeks.

Burgess was on the last dinghy, and as he jumped off the Greek ship they accelerated at high speed, which immediately sent up a huge wave in the wake of the Coast Guard vessel, which engulfed the last dinghy which held all of Burgess’ family.

As he jumped toward his family, he saw his wife, their two small children, his wife’s sister, her child, Burgess’ cousin, his wife, and their child floundering in the dinghy as the air valve was not shut properly by the Greeks, and in moments the dinghy was deflating and his family was in the sea.

Burgess began a frantic struggle in the sea trying to hold up his son, while his wife’s heroic actions were to try to keep their other child above water. In her desperate attempt to get her child above the waves, her head was pushed under water and she began to drown. Once she was lost to the sea, her child was helpless and disappeared beneath the waves. Burgess was torn between trying to keep his son alive or trying to turn toward diving beneath the waves to try and rescue his wife or child. He was in an impossible position of not being able to do anything other than concentrate on survival.

He remained swimming until the next morning, but in the night very high waves pulled his son away from him. Burgess had then lost his entire family because of the deliberate and planned actions of the Greek Coast Guard. The Turkish Coast Guard rescued him from the sea later in the morning, and they also retrieved bodies from the sea. The Italian Coast Guard also retrieved some bodies from the sea.

Burgess gave his eyewitness testimony in a video interview to online media. Further details were given by the mother-in-law of Burgess, who had lost two of her daughters and three grandchildren in the tragedy. In other YouTube videos dating from 2020 and 2021, the Greek Coast Guard is documented leaving migrants adrift in the sea without help, and also one video shows the Greek sailors beating the migrants and shooting at them.

The Greek Coast Guard has a long history of human rights abuses and breaking international maritime laws. On July 7, the European Court of Human Rights issued a ruling against Greece’s illegal and deadly practice of pushing back boasts of asylum seekers.

Eleven women and children, including infants, died off the Greek island of Farmakonisi on January 20, 2014, in what survivors describe as a pushback operation after the Greek Coast Guard was towing their boat, which resulted in death.

At least 32 more cases of alleged pushbacks by Greece are pending before the Court, and the charges include violating the right to life of the applicants and their relatives and subjecting survivors to degrading treatment when they strip-searched them in public.

Human Rights Watch and other groups have repeatedly documented how the Greek Coast Guard has abandoned migrants at sea by violently transferring individuals from Greek islands, or from the dinghy upon which they were traveling, to motor-less inflatable rafts, and leaving them adrift near Turkish territorial waters. They have also intercepted and disabled boats carrying migrants by damaging or removing the engines or fuel and towing them back to Turkey, or puncturing inflatable boats.

The Turkish Defense Minister stated on July 17, that the Greek Coast Guard is confirmed to have pushed two dinghies with migrants to Turkish waters on the western side of the Aegean Sea.

“One of our drones has recorded LS-930, a Greek Coast Guard vessel, pushing back irregular migrants’ boats to Turkish waters,” it said.

The migrants were saved by the Turkish Coast Guard responding to the information sent back by the drones. The ministry stressed that the practice of pushing migrants in dinghies was a violation of territorial waters.

The report “Pushbacks and Drowning Human Rights in the Aegean Sea,” exposes the violation of international immigration law by Greece, documenting that Greek forces pushed back a total of 41,523 asylum seekers between 2020 and May 31, 2022, according to Turkey’s Ombudsman Institution.

“Some 98 percent of the pushbacks involved torture and ill-treatment, and 88 percent of the 8,000 asylum seekers who came to the Greek border were beaten,” the report said.

Steven Sahiounie is a two-time award-winning journalist.


THis tragic drowning event of women and children on 13/09/2022 coincides with the iRAN headscarf tragedy.
There is no world-wide outcry for this crime unfortunately .
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