Dr Syn-Film 1963

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Dr Syn-Film 1963 was created by Farawaysaint
In 1963 the Walt Disney Film Studios came to Rye in Sussex to make the film Dr Syn.
The story is about smuggling and the Revenue men trying to catch them,
My folks had a business in Rye and it was bonanza time for all the locals.
It was during the summer holidays and I,at age 20, employed as an extra at 4 pds a day.
You got a further 6pds if you could ride a horse and a further 5pds if you were prepared to fall off the horse!!Fabulous money at the time.
At the same time my mom created spare bedrooms where carpenters and electricians filled up the house.
All the horse scenes were done on Camber Sands up the road and all filmed on the waters edge so it was a soft wet landing.
The main star was Patrick McGoohan and i remember George Cole was in the film
Great times and luvly lolly but all too short.
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2 years 2 days ago - 2 years 2 days ago #811133 by Mac
Mac on topic Dr Syn-Film 1963
Patrick McGoohan, brilliant actor. He was Danger Man too. In Braveheart a brilliant part as King “Long Shanks”, the part I will never forget “whom shall I send?”. :-)
He had limited roles as he vowed not to kiss a woman but his wife, good for him.

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