Why can't we live together šŸ˜«

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Why can't we live together šŸ˜«

5 months 9 hours ago - 5 months 8 hours ago
After a wonderful sporting weekend it's terrible to watch the news with the chaos and atrocities that continue to plague the planet .

I have no idea why we can't live together in harmony rather than trying to destroy each other, it's a very sad situation šŸ˜”Ā 

On the sporting front what a wonderful end to the Cape season and how good was Green With Envy in the Derby and how gutsy was Thunderstrucks win.
Green With Envy now joins See It Again, Mucho Dinero, Gimme A Nother and Sandringham Summit at the top of the boards for the July.
It was generally a good day for punters but I again missed the pick6 with Pomodoros Jet.

However the Scots beat the auld enemy and continued to impress.Ā 
Jock Van Der Merwe is the new hero but he does have a funny accent.Ā 
It's still a pity about the French result but the Irish will be hard to beat.

I am not really a fan of Saudi racing but Rachel made it worth watching and we will have to have a rethink on that weight allowance as the ladies want equal rights including the ones that previously had Willie's.šŸ˜ƒ
Will we See "her" Again in the July?

Getting back to Saudi, did you watch Forever Young winning.

What price "in running ".

Sir Alex got more Middle East millions with Spirit Dancer and Ryan Moore had a last stride win.

A reasonable meeting at the big T today where the pick 6 looks reasonable for a small stake.

Can't wait for next weeks Classic meeting where should have 2 bankers šŸ˜‰

Good Punting šŸ‘Ā 

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Re: Why can't we live together šŸ˜«

5 months 8 hours ago
Great post Dave

On a positive note Iā€™m hearing of possible pow wos between racing operators on the horizon
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